Lately my polish has been chipping like crazy.. :( It doesn’t let me enjoy my designs for more than a day!! It’s really frustrating! I don’t understand because I haven’t changed anything.. :(

This is my routine:
-Remove old polish/oils from the nails
-File & shape
-Lightly buff
-Apply cuticle cream & push back cuticles
-Rinse with warm water & pat dry
-Apply thin coat of base coat (Sally Hansen or Nail Envy) Let dry
-Apply thin coat of desired polish color
-Apply a second thin coat if necessary
-When nails are semi-dry I do my art (or just leave color)
-Apply top coat (Seche Vite, Out the Door, or CG Fast Forward)

I let them dry completely without doing anything (I usually watch a show while I let them dry)

The following day I notice slight chips & throughout the day, my nail polish peels off completely!!
I thought it might be specific products but that’s not the case because I’ve tested out different base coats & top coats & I still get the same results! :(

Any tips/suggestions/feedback? I’d appreciate it! :) Thanks!

I have to come up with a mnemonic for..






(the 5 divisions of the back/spine) I suck at this. So I need help. If anyone has any suggestions.. I would greatly appreciate it!.. Pics of nails after I finish up with school stuff.. <3 ?